Ice Warrior Experience

15th and 16th July

I am super excited to have been invited along to Womanifest again this year. Me and my team will be there on the Saturday and Sunday for you to experience the Wim Hof method. Join a powerful group breathwork session and follow with an ice bath submersion!!

As a level 2 certified Wim Hof instructor you will be in safe and professional hands to take you through this journey at Womanifest 2023.

My own transformational journey has led me making it my mission to empower others to lead a healthy and happy life with strength and purpose. Using Wim Hof’s method of breath work, cold water exposure and mindset I works with clients to find levels of clarity, courage and calm they didn’t know were possible.

I promises to give a powerful introduction to what the Wim Hof method is and the benefits it can bring to anyone’s everyday life. As part of your experience, you will take part in a powerful group breathwork session followed by an optional ice bath submersion.

The Wim Hof method unlocks a whole host of benefits including increased energy, reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, heightened focus and determination, stronger immune system, reduced inflammation and so much more.

Included in your experience
Introduction to the Wim Hof method

  • Guided breathwork session
  • Support into the cold
  • Warming up safely and taking the method into your daily life.

This experience is for all levels, complete beginners included.

Join me on Saturday 15thJuly 10.30am
Or Sunday 16th 10.30am

Price per person is £35

Don’t forget that you will need a Womanifest event ticket to take part in the Ice Warrior experience

Click here to book your tickets Womanifest ticket

Angela WHM Instructor

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