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I have had anxiety, grief, near death experience, trauma, abandonment and childhood abuse that used to hold me back, but now give me strength and without these scars I wouldn’t be me, I have learn’t to love these scars and learn’t to love me. I used to say I have 2 lives, the one before children and the one after, but I now talk about my life before the cold and my life as it is now, and both are very different.


Although it wasn’t all terrible but a lot of my childhood was rubbish mainly down to an alcoholic mum, who was abusive, manipulative and would pinch my pocket money to buy booze. I didn’t really know any different at that age, it was normal. But it moulded some of my behaviours as I went through life, I lacked confidence, I had a victim mentality and I was super jealous of everyone with a functioning family. As I became an adult I attracted unhealthy relationships, I had limiting beliefs around not deserving to be loved, but also craving to be loved. I never felt enough or understood and felt it me against the world. I lost a loved one to cancer at the age of 36 which came with a whole host of other emotions including grief and questioning the world, again the world was against me and I was a victim, why couldn’t have lived, wasn’t I enough.

My life got pretty happy when I met my now husband Jon and had 2 children who are my absolute world and they changed my outlook but I still had this darkness inside, the physical and mental anxiety that I felt like I was fighting to be the best mum and wife that I could possibly be.

The stresses of having a young family and not really ever addressing my childhood shit took its toll, there were lots of health warnings I chose to ignore in my new super mum role, but in 2017 it all caught up with me and stopped me dead in my tracks. I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy that caused internal bleeding for over 14 hours without being diagnosed. I knew my body was shutting down, I was alone and I was in so much pain. The surgeon came to see me after my operation and said another hour and I would have died. Physically I healed, but emotionally those words stuck with me. I couldn’t just die, I had loads left to do with my life, I was a mum. So this was the worst thing that happened but also the best. It unlocked a whole load of skeletons in my cupboard and found a whole new me, I built myself back up slowly, addressed things I had pushed away and I found ways to manage my anxiety and had my prevention tools as well as my cure. Or so I thought.


I stumbled across a 3 day Wim Hof challenge on social media and I just thought I’d give it ago.  And I have to say within days, like 2 days, I was happier, lighter, like a weight had been lifted!  I carried on with a daily practice of breathwork and cold and my anxiety faded away into nothing.  I knew that everyday no matter what came my way I would come back to calm each morning with my 3 rounds of Wim Hof breathing and cold shower or submersion. This was my prevention tool and if it got too much I had a cure tool in the evening.. to go and have a cold shower or dunk myself in my little tub outside, sometimes just 3 minutes, but it did the job! 

After a while I started to see other health benefits, my hormones became more balanced, which as a 45 years old woman can be a tough one to crack, I found a new mental strength with focus and more control over my emotions, I dealt with the impending redundancy with strength and conviction, I had conversations that I would usually shy away from.  My relationships with my husband improved because I was rational and loving, I had more patience with my kids.  I saw my body physically changing, becoming stronger and healthier inside and out.  I even started feeling joy, something I have felt a few times, like having my kids, getting a job, but never really everyday joy and happiness.  I felt connected, peaceful, calm and friends started asking me what the hell I was doing, then asking me if I could show them.  Sure I was getting all these amazing health benefits, but I really felt like it was my calling to help people heal, to help them feel alive, feel enough and not only enough in that moment, but that they always have been and always will be.

I studied hard, understood the method, practiced what I preached, learnt the science and became one of Wim’s ambassadors, spreading the love of this method and having the confidence through being a certified instructor.

My kids started to want to get into the cold and I saw the impact on them. Kids these days have the weight of the world on their shoulders, with so much about what your outer world looks like. Two things my children have said to me since starting this journey. My son age 8 said I am just like my mum, super strong. My daughter looks at me and say, I love how you love life and the job that you do!!

Each day I face my fears head on, I build my courage to not just be ok with life, but to really live it and show others how to do the same. I am learning what my body and mind are capable of and since starting I have left my corporate career and have built the trust and belief in myself through using the Wim Hof method and other mindful practices such as journaling, meditation, gratitude and affirmations. I am excited to see my journey unfold. I want to help your journey, it will be different to mine and to anyone else’s, but I want to give teach you the tools that you can build on.

So I live this happy life, with health and strength, sounds great doesn’t it? So what happened when I started working towards my Wim Hof Level 2 Certification? I found a whole different level of subconscious to work through, but this time I understood the process. Half of me wasn’t ready and I just wanted to put the lid back on, but I knew in my heart that this second layer was going to be even more powerful that the first and I was just going to ride the wave. I was raw and vulnerable, I shifted back to healing mode and but I kept on breathing and going colder and colder for longer and longer. Connecting with the pain, both physically and emotionally and not stopping it. I was facing it head on. Then there was a specific breathwork session in Poland guided by the amazing Laura Hof (Wim’s daughter) that shifted something deep within me. It stripped the grief and the trauma and converted it to freedom and pure happiness. Happiness I have never felt on this level.

I am now certified to Level 2 with the Wim Hof academy and feel privileged to teach this method as my job. I’m fairly sure there is more to come from my journey and probably some more fears to face but I have learnt to trust the process. I have learn’t to trust and believe in myself.

All the love all the power.

“74% of adults in the UK are experience in negative stress in their lives, leaving them overwhelmed or unable to cope. By understanding and influencing the nervous system we are able to adapt, withstand much greater stress and use it to our advantage.”

Realising I was responsible for my own destiny. I had a choice a choice to be happy, healthy and strong, and so do you!

Ways to work with me


My tailored 121 program will empower to transform your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Whether you are trying to reduce your stress and anxiety or Improve energy and focus or connect on a deeper level, Its time to discover your Inner warrior.


Group transformation sessions to coach you through each step, including breathwork, connection, focus and strength to support you calmly into cold water.

Regular adventure walks and dips scheduled to various locations throughout the year.


Leadership is a living thing. Like a plant, it must be nurtured, and it needs healthy soil in which to grow and thrive.

The Fearless Leadership program will take your team to the next level.


If you want to learn more about the Wim Hof method the official fundamentals workshop is for you.
We will be exploring the advanced ways of breathing that can bring about profound benefits. Improving your immune function, lowering inflammation, reducing anxiety and much more. Not only will we practice the Wim Hof breathing together we will work on technique and understand more of the science behind it all.


Taking you on a journey to the life you want, to fulfil your desires and find your path.

To find the trust and belief to make your plans a reality and adapt to living in the present moment.


Each month you will join Angela and her tribe of Ice Warriors to explore, adventure and take your journey with the Wim Hof method to the next level

Angela will bring new learnings to the sessions each month as she progresses with her own journey

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