Breath, Body and Balance

A community for humans mastering breathwork, reclaiming our bodies and bringing BALANCE back into our lives.

Community, Values and Mission

We want to become the best version of ourselves today and a better version tomorrow.

We do the work.

We overcome our fears.

We invest time and energy in our breath and body.

We seek true CONNECTION with ourselves and others.

We believe in the healing POWER of nature.

We believe that LOVE wins, everytime.

The Ice Warrior Story -
A message from our Founder.

Hi! My name is Angela. I am the Ice Warrior. 4 years ago, I was a stressed overworked mum, wife and businesswoman. When I discovered the magic of the Wim Hof method, my whole life changed for the better.

I can honestly say that my adventures in learning the power of cold and breath work through the method has transformed me and my life. Like many others across the world, I have implemented the learnings and methods into my daily life and never looked back. Having qualified as a level 2 Wim Hof instructor (and being selected to assist Wim directly), over the years I have worked with over 2000 people, teaching them the fundamentals of the Wim Hof method and developing their practice to a deeper level.

My journey started with daily practices of breathwork and embracing the cold. I set firm boundaries for myself and used journaling as a tool to confront even the most difficult thoughts and emotions. I found solace in nature and meditation, transforming confrontations into learning opportunities. I learned to pause, listen to my inner wisdom, and understand my true needs. Returning to my routes, what’s important and not wanting more, but in fact wanting less.

As I delved deeper into my journey, my desire for a deeper connection with myself and the world around me grew. I incorporated yoga, essential oils, and practices that resonated with the natural world. Understanding the lunar cycles and my own human design, I felt a deeper connection to the universe. Daily breathwork became my non-negotiable cornerstone, setting the tone for each day. This sacred time included physical exercises, meditation, and journaling. My cold exposure, whether through ice baths or showers, was always intentional, and I often used music to enhance the experience. Nature became an integral part of my daily life, a constant reminder to stay grounded and present. Yoga, fasting, and mindful eating became crucial components of my routine.

Driven by my transformation and a desire to share these powerful experiences, I started a membership program in 2021. It began with a small group of individuals who had embraced the teachings from my workshops and retreats. They had started making significant changes in their lives, but they craved more. We formed the Ice Warrior tribe, a community that quickly grew, attracting amazing people from various backgrounds. However, I realised that not everyone could join in person due to different constraints.

Angela iWim Hof Level two instructor in the snow training
I genuinely care that I show up as the best version of myself, supporting you with love every step of the way. I may not have all the answers, yet I believe I have many tools to help you access your own truth and help you re-align yourself into becoming your own alchemist.


Together we:

BREATHE: Harness the power of the breath to transform our physical and emotional well being.

  • Learn how deep, conscious breathing can alleviate stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and recovery.
  • Delve into deep techniques and learn the science behind breathwork.
  • Experience the power of breath in nature with cold water swimming and the magic of waterfalls.

BODY: Harness our Inner Strength:

  • Combine the transformative tools of the Wim Hof method with yoga, essential oils and meditation
  • Learn to listen to our body and how to master the art of balancing effort and relaxation.
  • Tap into the potential of our nervous system to enhance hormonal, digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency.
  • Access our intuition, confront fears and unlock a deeper sense of self-awareness.

BALANCE: Embrace the balance of yin and yang in our daily lives.

  • Discover the key to a balanced life through homeostasis.
  • Learn to harmonise our fight-or-flight response, finding calm amidst chaos.
  • Simplify our lives and align with nature.
  • Trust our instincts and listen to our inner self for guidance.
  • Experience significant improvements in connection, self-esteem, resilience, stress and anxiety management, sleep quality, and relationships through our breath and cold practices.
  • Enhance our journey with natural practices including essential oils, yoga, moon cycles and nutrition.

The Ice Warrior Membership:

Ice Warrior Mastery includes virtual and in person elements, allowing more people to experience this transformative journey. This membership offered a mix of in person and virtual experiences, creating more opportunities for magic and transformation. It’s an invitation to everyone to join me on this journey of growth, community, and self-discovery, a journey that is continuously evolving and inspiring.

We have two membership packages available. All virtual content is available on the Ice Warrior App – so no more social media distractions whilst you study!


(Virtual Membership)

Themed breathwork practice

Yin Yoga practice
Evening meditation
Taking your Wim Hof practice deeper workshop
Essential oil workshop
Nutrition workshop

Journaling mastery
Human Design mastery
Moonolgy mastery

Inspirational speakers
Monthly Ice Warrior CHALLENGE
Monthly journaling prompt
Monthly seasonal recipes
Monthly essential oil
Accountability and mentoring

Access via the app The Ice Warrior App


All of Ice Warrior Tribe plus:

11 meet ups (2 being women only).
Each with a guided, themed breathwork session and cold water submersion.
A full 12-month calendar of locations and dates will be given on joining.
A reminder of what to pack, timings and routes will be issued

Each individual will be fully supported but it is important that everyone who joins the LEGENDS understands the basics of cold exposure and warming up safely. Therefore this level is by APPLICATION ONLY.

£69 per month

£699 per year


I have been dipping with Ice Warrior for over two years now and it has changed so much in my life for me. For me it’s all about mental wellness and stability in discipline… from learning through breath work to calm my head and build my cardio to joining a community of amazing powerhouses who all have their own stories. Guidance, community, control and lots and lots of fun, thank you xx
We all live busy, often stressful lives. Being part of the Ice Warrior tribe is a little oasis and time to focus on myself. The regular breathwork sessions and the outdoor dips in beautiful locations, with a community of likeminded people recharges my battery. Angela’s energy and passion is amazing. -
The warrior membership connects my soul to my tribe They are just 'my people'. Whilst the village may be far and wide when we come together, my heart bursts with pride. A hug from a stranger who is really my neighbour brings about a sense of connectedness that is easy to find.

The team:

Essential Oils - Kelly

Essential oil / natural medicine – I have always been a lover of the wilderness.My passion is to empower everyone I meet, through my workshops & online webinars, to embrace the power of plant medicine!This potent medicine, the original medicine, is through DoTERRA Essential Oils, & enables us to live our happiest & healthiest lives, physically, emotionally & spiritually ✨✨✨I am all about taking our power back around our health….stepping into health sovereignty & health freedom, to reclaim our birthright of vitality, joy & longevity!I have been teaching for 5 years now & last year became qualified as an Animal Aromatherapist, in order to help our beautiful animal friends, to live their happiest lives too! I very much look forward to empowering you, the way I have been empowered through this incredible ice warrior journey

Yoga - Lucie

Lucie is a fully qualified 200hr yoga teacher having trained over 8 years ago. Since her initial training she has attended a variety of additional training including Yin Yoga Training, Yoga Anatomy & Menopause Yoga. Lucie is passionate about sharing her love of yoga and supporting people in their practice to find their own way to move and connect with themselves. She truly believes that practicing yoga is a unique experience for everyone and that she can assist & guide you on your yoga journey however you are your own best teacher. Her main purpose is to help people feel good on every level, physically, emotionally, energetically & mentally through the power of yoga. Sometimes the expectation of a yoga teacher is to be forever in a state of peaceful presence when in reality this yoga journey continues every day, after all it is a practice, through the ups and downs of life and fully embracing it all…after all life is about balance.

Nutrition - Sarah

Sarah is a BANT Registered Nutritionist with a specialism in gut health, hormones and neurodiversity. Using a patient-centred approach, Sarah uses evidence-based nutritional science to promote health and well-being. Using a wide range of tools, including comprehensive case-taking and functional laboratory testing, she aims to identify potential nutritional, hormonal, and microbiota imbalances in order to support the body towards maintaining optimal health. Sarah regularly hosts workshops and talks on a variety of subjects, including peri-menopause and menopause, appetite and cravings, weight management, sleep and ADHD.
close up image of Jade

Human Design - Jade

Jade is an entrepreneur, community builder and human design geek. During the pandemic, like many people, Jade found a new obsession in Astrology, specifically Human Design. Diving deep into this fascinating subject, Jade shifted everything in her life for the better. She closed her business, sold her home and began a deep exploration into how female entrepreneurs can embody their human design to find freedom and flow in their business. Human Design combines principles from astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah and the chakra system to create a unique bodygraph chart for each individual showing how your creative energy flows, your cosmically destined talents and what soul’s purpose is in this lifetime. Jade has created a new interpretation and language of Human Design specifically for women who want to reclaim their truth and find freedom in their business or careers, without having to spend years and lots of money figuring out their chart – she has done the hard work for you! During Jade’s sessions you will learn how to read your chart and how to embody the magic gifted to you from the stars.

Moonologist - Ali

Ali Swift is an award winning Wellness Coach and Reiki Master Teacher (CNHC accredited), award winning Wellness Author and Radio Presenter. Ali is here to share with you her fascinating knowledge about the Moon and how you can work with the different lunar phases to support your emotional wellbeing and healing, whilst manifesting the life you desire. As Ali continues her training with Yasmin Boland to become a certified Moonologist Ali will be sharing her guidance every month and will also deliver an inspiring workshop that will provide you with some powerful tools to help you work with the moon.
Joining the Ice Warrior Tribe has been the best decision and an extraordinary journey for me, guided by the incredible Angela, a truly inspiring human being. This unique group regularly meets up in the most breathtaking locations – lakes, waterfalls, all in stunning scenery. Each tribe meet up is an opportunity to do breathwork that is always amazing and transformative. As well as the physical activities, what stands out is the sense of community within the tribe. It's a supportive network that's always there, offering encouragement and assistance whenever needed. The invigorating plunges, powerful breathwork, and unwavering support makes being a part of the Ice Warrior Tribe 'THE' best experience.
Being part of the Ice Warrior community has been a fabulous journey of shared experiences, support and personal growth. Through the highs and lows of life, the community has become a place where I can turn up as my true self and be supported and inspired by others. It's a celebration of diversity, a tribe that transforms challenges into opportunities, and a reminder that, together, we are stronger. Add in Angela's knowledge, passion and love for the Wim Hof method, along with the option to join monthly in-person get-togethers in fabulous locations with the tribe, and you have something very special. I'm very grateful for the Ice Warrior community that consistently helps shape and support our stories and makes each step of the journey meaningful.

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