Working with groups and individuals to give them levels of clarity, courage and calm that they didn’t know were possible.

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Angela Bentley is a qualified Level 2 Wim Hof instructor and transformational coach.

Her mission is to help people take their health, strength and happiness to the next level. To really see what they are capable of. To build resilience and internal focus, to step outside comfort zones and into purpose, value and authenticity.

The Ice Warrior represents our own alchemy through the elements, bringing together water, air, earth and fire. When you become the alchemist of your own being you are both the scientist and the philosopher in one. Through the alchemy of these elements you will start to transform and find our own powerful journey.

Understanding these four elements is the key to fathoming our own minds. Knowing how to link one element to another is the foundation for personal development. It is the balance of these four elements in each of us that really makes the difference to live our most authentic lives, push past fear and elevate all aspects of our lives.

Through the Ice Warrior we learn to feel the right balance of the elements, how to build them into our lives and start to understand the science. You will start to become intuitive and understand how they are intertwined with each other. Once you start to practice all four in harmony here is where you will feel ALL THE LOVE AND ALL THE POWER and you become your own alchemist!!


Water in nature can be powerful just to observe, to touch to feel. To connect with this element through the cold is so powerful. Water is nurturing, compassionate, tranquil, self awareness and intuitive. Water rules the subconscious mind.


Air through the breath can take you where you want o go. When you truly connect with air as your breath you gain emotional control, wisdom, clarity, ideas come to life and the overwhelm subsides. Air creates a safe space to be, feeling inner peace.


Through nature we are held strong by the earth. Keeping us grounded and connected to ourselves, others and energy. The earth is stable, reliable and will be there when needed. Keeping that reassurance close and regular a sense of knowing that you are never really alone.
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Lighting your inner fire you will see confidence, positivity, ambition and creativity. Authentic leadership with vision and high self esteem. You feel it in your heart and it just continues to grow.

How we can work together


My tailored 121 program will empower to transform your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Whether you are trying to reduce your stress and anxiety or Improve energy and focus or connect on a deeper level, Its time to discover your Inner warrior.


Group transformation sessions to coach you through each step, including breathwork, connection, focus and strength to support you calmly into cold water.

Regular adventure walks and dips scheduled to various locations throughout the year.


Leadership is a living thing. Like a plant, it must be nurtured, and it needs healthy soil in which to grow and thrive.

The Fearless Leadership program will take your team to the next level.


If you want to learn more about the Wim Hof method the official fundamentals workshop is for you.
We will be exploring the advanced ways of breathing that can bring about profound benefits. Improving your immune function, lowering inflammation, reducing anxiety and much more. Not only will we practice the Wim Hof breathing together we will work on technique and understand more of the science behind it all.


Taking you on a journey to the life you want, to fulfil your desires and find your path.

To find the trust and belief to make your plans a reality and adapt to living in the present moment.


Each month you will join Angela and her tribe of Ice Warriors to explore, adventure and take your journey with the Wim Hof method to the next level

The Ice Warrior gift experience

We promise they will seriously love you for this gift experience.

This amazing Ice Warrior Experience is for anyone who loves to find ways to improve their health and wellness, looking to take their mental and physical wellbeing to another level. Or perhaps they have shown an interest in cold water therapy or the Wim Hof method and want to learn more for athletic performance, relieve health symptoms or are just curious. This Ice Warrior Experience is for them!

Your recipient will be in the safest of hands with the Ice Warrior, Angela Bentley. Angela is certified Wim Hof instructor, level 2. Angela’s experience and knowledge will ensure a safe and memorable experience, giving the skills to take the method and implement into their daily life for long term health, strength and happiness through the cold, breath and mindset practices.

This gift experience will give them access to ONE of the following:

  • A Wim Hof method Fundamental workshop through the Ice Warrior (ICE BATH)
  • A Wim Hof method Advanced workshop through the Ice Warrior (ICE BATH)
  • A group experience such as the Ice Warrior Waterfall adventure (NATURAL SUBMERSION)
  • The value of £120 towards any 121 program or retreat with the Ice Warrior. (VARIOUS)


The experience will be perfectly presented to gift straight to your recipient and they will enjoy the excitement of opening. Choose the perfect experience and we will do the rest:

Bronze £99

This experience is a virtual 121 session with Angela, the Ice Warrior.

Tailoring the session to your needs the following will be included: • Introduction to the Wim Hof method and the Ice Warrior • Three Pillars of the Wim Hof method • How to implement into your life • Science overview • Practical breathwork • How to approach the cold

Silver £155

In person Ice Warrior experience with Ice Warrior beanie

This experience gift can be redeemed against any group workshop offered by the Ice Warrior directly including Wim Hof Fundamental and advanced workshops.  It does not include events arranged by a third party.

Gold £225

In person Ice Warrior experience with Ice Warrior dry robe

This experience gift can be redeemed against any group workshop offered by the Ice Warrior directly including Wim Hof Fundamental and advanced workshops. It does not include events arranged by a third party.

Platinum £1,199

In person one to one day or group retreat. (Only 5 Platinum available)

The one-to-one experience can be an ice bath or adventure day.
The retreat is a women’s only, all inclusive, weekend in Anglesey 10th – 13th May

For any further details please message Angela directly! Angela@theicewarrior.com

Small print
• Most of the Ice Warrior workshops are in the Northwest of England
• When you purchase the Ice Warrior gift experience you will be given a code to redeem with the Ice Warrior directly
• Once you have booked the session the cancellation policy will apply
• The gift experience is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
• A health and safety declaration must be completed before commencing
• Please don’t book for anyone who a has a serious illness without asking Angela (Ice Warrior), or has epilepsy or pregnant.

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Wim Hof in the snow
Wim Hof in the snow

The Wim Hof Method

Put in the simplest of terms, the Wim Hof Method is a natural path to an optimal state of body and mind, backed by breakthrough science. The method is about reconnecting us to ourselves, to others and to nature.

Benefits of the Wim Hof method

The method is a wellness and transformational instrument offering us a way to look at our life in a different way. It’s about intentions, experiences and learning to listen to our body with a result of becoming HEALTHY, STRONG AND HAPPY.


Discover our true selves regardless of beliefs

Improved relationships with other and connection with them

Reconnect with nature

Being more present

Improved focus and creativity

Reduced anxiety

Enhance our mood and feel good

Boost confidence

Strengthen decision making, memory and learning

Increased self awareness

Experience gratitude and love


Improve our mental wellbeing
Increase pain tolerance
Improve sleep quality
Train our blood vessels and cardiovascular system
Optimise our breathing system
Alleviate symptoms of depression, fatigue and chronic pain
Speed up the recovery process


Gain more energy in everyday life

Fast recovery from physical exertion

Heighten bodily awareness

Increase willpower

Each time I reach a new challenge or its time to up-level I go colder, I spend more time on my mindset and the results are incredible.

I now could not live without the daily breath work and cold showers or dips.  It has developed into a passion to share this gift and take individuals and groups on their own transformational journey

Kind Words

“LOVED today’s session! Thank you! You in-still trust & calm and I instantly relaxed with you, I am totally buzzing! Thanks again. I’m actually looking forward to the lake! Xx”
“I wrote down after how chilled I felt in my body & mind, a lighter feeling and a bit tingly. Taking fuller breaths and a feeling of calm. Will see if that’s still the same later when the kids get home! But enjoying feeling peaceful xx”
“I felt all rooted and safe, but also light and like I was kind of becoming part of everything around me. Thanks so much. Feel like I was wrapped in a lovely duvet of safety all through the session. X”

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