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The Ice Warrior has the perfect gift experience for a friend, colleague or loved one.  This is a great introduction to powerful breath work, cold water exposure and mindfulness.  It will not only challenge the mind and body but will also be an experience that they will remember forever. 

What is the Ice Warrior Gift Experience?

The gift certificate is a 2 session experience, the first session virtual and the second session in person with Angela (The Ice Warrior). Taking them step by step through the breath work practice to give them the resilience and strength to take on cold temperatures in a natural cold water submersion. Support them on a journey of understanding the changes in their physiology, strengthening immune systems, reducing inflammation, ditching anxiety and facing fears head on, Angela will guide and coach them every step of the way. Angela has the knowledge and experience to ensure that each individual has a safe and positive experience with the cold and will tailor the experience to suit their goals and needs.

Session 1 (Virtual)

Introduction to Wim Hof and the Wim Hof Method

Practical breath work session

Mindfulness practice

Session 2 (Lakeside)

Breath work practical

Mindfulness practice
Cold water submersion

Importance of warming up (hot chocolate and hot water bottle provided !)

Total cost £111

Small print
• We will always try to accommodate timings of the sessions to suit, but there may be occasions when we need to work together to find a mutually suitable time.
• Session 2 will be in the South Manchester area, usually Pickmere lake
• You will be given an order number that must be referred to when booking your sessions
• A health and safety declaration must be completed before commencing
• Please don’t book for anyone who a has a serious illness, or is pregnant.

“I did a breath-work / swim with Angela The Ice Warrior last week and i can’t stop thinking about it. I felt AMAZING for the whole day, and want to try and build this into my life for sure!! Angela is a fantastic teacher - calm, reassuring, authentic and down to earth, explaining the process as we go. I can’t wait for my next dip!”
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Ali Groves

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