Fearless Leadership

“We are so successful in being comfortable, that comfort is becoming the enemy of success.”
– Wim Hof

Leadership is a living thing. Like a plant, it must be nurtured, and it needs healthy soil in which to grow and thrive.

From years of working in the corporate world Angela understands the constant balance that high performing teams and their leaders strive for. Having the right mindset and beliefs are key to success. Having the motivation to take action but also the clarity that those actions are in line with what they are working towards. Working with clarity, authenticity and confidence in any team are the foundations of taking a surviving team to thriving state.

Having worked with senior management and their teams Angela has seen the transformation in what individuals learn about themselves and each other. There have been significant win’s where mental health is concerned, with reduced anxiety, more confidence, self awareness and lots of happy hormones. Physical strength with the reduction of inflammation and boosted immune systems for better attendance in the workplace. Over all having a happier, healthier and stronger team of people in your business if good for everyone!


Through the pillars of the Wim Hof method leaders will be able to reconnect to themselves and their team to gain a clear understanding on where they are currently and where they want to move forward to.

• Being able to rationalise real challenges from perceived obstacles.
• Clearer communication of collective goals
• Increased focus and clarity
• Reducing stress and anxiety build up


Taking the time to be fully present through the tools in the Wim Hof method will give:

• Leaders that are transparent, self aware and genuine
• Ability to develop honest relationships through trust
• Managing individual energy and learning limitations
• Creating engaged leaders
• Building courage to be vulnerable, inclusive and open in the workplace


The Wim Hof Method has been proved to significantly increase confidence in individuals

• Building resilience and maintaining it
• Ability to focus on the bigger picture whilst keeping the small tasks in perspective
• Communicating and presenting from a place of truth
• Ability to overcome stress and surrounding pressures
• Unlocking potential by removing the fear

Angela will tailor make the workshop or session inline with your teams objectives. Whether it be around supporting your employees with their mental health, managing menopause or building the team dynamics, Angela will work with you to ensure individuals have the information and the tools to confidently apply them to their everyday lives.

Introduction to the Wim Hof method (Virtual or Office location)

A great introduction to understand more about the Wim Hof method and give individuals the tools to implement into their everyday lives.

Full Day Workshop

This will not only introduce the Wim Hof method and the science, it will also include the experience of a full breathwork practice, mindset activities as well as an optional cold submersion

Taking the team into nature with the Wim Hof method

This takes place for a team of up to 16 people to fully embrace the Wim Hof method. Going deeper with the breath, connection and cold. Disconnecting from the everyday to really support individuals step into their power, connect with nature and work as a team to realise together they don’t have any limits

On Wednesday we stepped away from the 9-5 on a team-building away day! We all did something a bit crazy and got into a freezing cold lake but there was a lot more to it than that. We worked with a qualified Wim Hof instructor to train our bodies and minds to be able to take the plunge into the water. It was a really empowering experience in which we were able to connect with our own bodies and take a day to rejuvenate away from our busy lives.

Our instructor Angela Florence Bentley began the session by having us all open up about what we wanted out of the session giving us the space, to be honest about our internal struggles, in speaking to each other we were able to give each other the support and reassurance we needed. Even though some of us were a bit sceptical about the power of the Wim Hof method we were all honest in what we were hoping to get out of it and really put our energy into giving it a go.

The first step to the method was the breathing which we all embraced and took at our own pace focusing on ourselves and clearing our minds. This powerful breathing method allowed us to feel connected with ourselves and our surroundings, preparing us to enter the water with the right mindset.

Once we were ready we all walked down to the lake ready to face our fears and take on the cold. It was an incredible feeling to be able to embrace the cold and focus on the breathing techniques we had been taught. We all managed the cold water dip even though it was difficult and the sense of achievement was second to none.

We have definitely learnt techniques that we will all implement into our day-to-day lives even if it s just taking 10 minutes alone to breathe. It was a day we will never forget that allowed us to come together and bond as a team. We all got something out of it and do not doubt the method at all.

– Oakley Recruitment Ltd

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