Discover your Inner Warrior Retreat

September 20th - 23rd 2024

May 9th - 12th 2025

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I want to take you on a journey to the life you want, to fulfil your desires and find your path.
To find the trust and belief to make your plans a reality and adapt to living in the present moment.
Making those dreams bigger and more expansive, because you have made them small or settled in the past.

Giving you the tools and knowledge to make it happen for you as you face those fears step by step.
Finding out what really makes you happy, what success looks like to you, what your health means and so many ways to be strong.

The Discover your Inner Warrior Retreat will get to know fear and understand how it is getting in the way.

woman sat in ice bath, side profile, eyes closed, breathing through the cold


Fear is allowed to have its say, but it’s not allowed to dictate the life you desire. Fear stops you moving forward, it keeps you in the past and it avoids the present moment. Throughout this transformational weekend you will be taught some very powerful tools to face these fears head on, to understand them and how they are feeding your limiting beliefs.


to yourself, others and source starts with the breath. Through powerful breathwork practices we allow the mind to still, connect to the power within and ultimately support you to alchemise your experience and past into your wisdom and inner warrior.

camera focused on woman with others blurred in background, stood outside in a group, focusing on breath work


Mindset will play an integral role, giving you the courage to face the cold. Here lies the real lessons when you find that the cold is your teacher. Finding direction, connection to love, understanding your power. When we see ourselves in this true light we are open to the world of possibility and expansion into the world. This is where the transformation and empowerment builds and finding tools and rituals to support this beautiful transformational journey.

This discovery retreat will allow the mind to quieten from the daily chatter. The narratives that can dictate our lives, our feelings, often keeping us in what’s deemed to be safe, but not whats serving our true desires. The tools I will teach, will help you dial down that chatter, you will be able to see situations, relationships, life paths for what they are, enabling decision making. Through the breath and connection to nature, you will be able to not only quieten the negative but build on the positive and start to see what is possible for you.

Throughout the retreat you will learn about the nervous system and the role it plays in our daily lives. Teaching your body and mind to understand stress, having a healthy relationship with stress, so that you use it in a good way rather than IT controlling you. Often negative stress can take over and this can lead to unhappy lives, also eventually your body will start to react, where a number of illnesses can be a result. The tools you will learn will change your life and help you to live a happy healthy strong life that you deserve.

Not all the learnings can be taught, but feeling and experiencing takes us to a higher level. Engaging in a number of tools around the Wim Hof method, nature, self love and spirituality, a strong sense of connection will become apparent throughout the retreat. A deeper connection to yourself, to others around you and to the wider world. Going deeper in getting to know yourself, loving yourself, loving others, and loving all that surrounds you. Letting love in without fear and letting love have its say, and then you have a choice who to listen to.

Breath work

An introduction to a number of breathwork practices that will help you to navigate how to use your breath to reduce anxiety, balance the body, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, connect on a deeper level, and so much more.

Cold water therapy

Each day there will be a voluntary cold water practice. You will be fully supported each time. Throughout the weekend we will discover the power of the cold to face fears and how the cold can then become our teacher as we move through different levels of fear. With the understanding and knowledge to practice safely.


Throughout the weekend there will be mindset challenges to demonstrate how powerful the mind it, how it can hold us back, but how it can propel us forward. Learning that the sky is not the limit, the mind is!


Practicing meditation in various forms, to still the mind, to find yourself in the present moment. Remembering it is a practice. Gaining clarity, calm, wisdom and your own version of warrior.


Creating a space to understand what our fears are, how our limiting beliefs are feeding these fears. Taking them into the breathwork and cold and releasing what is holding us back. Letting love have a say and making the choice that is yours to make.


A connection to forest bathing and an ultimate connection to nature. Being surrounded by such beauty we will get into the heart of Mother Nature each day on some beautiful coastal walks and treasure finding.

Food and drink

Nurturing yourself through natural foods. Working with the seasons and taking what is natural. Trying new things, learning new ways, opening your eyes to new possibilities around the world of plant based food.

Gifts of the earth

Weaved into the activities throughout the weekend you will gain an understanding of how to use pure essential oils to compliment physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


Mastering the cold and teaching your body to warm up itself is the first step, then we start to go a bit deeper and understanding more health benefits to the cardiovascular system with cold and heat on the last day. The cold from the sea and complimented with the heat from a sauna.

Throughout you will be supported to alchemise your experience and past into your wisdom and discover your inner warrior. When we see ourselves in this true light, we are open to the world of possibility and expansion into the world. This is where the transformation and empowerment build and finding tools and rituals to support this beautiful transformational journey.

Learning to trust and believe. Trusting in the rhythm of life, through eyes of no judgment. Having the belief that anything is possible. Within the trust we are empowered to create habits, routines and rituals that truly work. Consistency is power when we hold a practice that is aligned. When you are aligned with your own natural rhythm of life you cultivate strength and connection to source.

Taking time for stillness in the world. Quietening the mind to have stillness, holding a gaze and being in a place you can see the signs around you, feel the intuition it lights up and notice the path that is right to take action.

Although I guarantee you will have the most magical and transformational weekend, my true passion is for you to take home the tools that worked for you. Implement the routines, the rituals through commitment. To have the power to quieten the mind when you need to, to be able to cope with stress when it comes your way. To be able to push forward with the desires and making the dreams you set out a reality. My true gift to you is to give you all you need to implement these experiences and knowledge into your everyday life, empowering you to live the life that you choose and deserve.

A bit more about me

I am a certified Wim Hof instructor, having taught over 500 people the method, as well as a transformational and wellness coach. I am certified to level 2 and have worked with Wim directly, allowing me to give you access to even more powerful tools that we can work with safely and knowledgeably. In 2019 I began my life as The Ice Warrior because the tools I want to teach you made me feel like a warrior. I felt health, strength, but most importantly genuine happiness each day. I want to share everything I know and empower others to start their own journey and create a happy, healthy, strong life!!

Where will the retreat be?

I have selected the most beautiful place for us to stay. The old chapel comes with its own wonderful space to really be yourself.Located just a stone’s throw from Aberffraw Estuary and the Anglesey Coastal Path, a Grade II listed converted chapel offers all that is needed for a unique experience.The Chapel is an over-powering piece of Gothic architecture, standing taller than pretty much everything else in the quiet little village and just a stones throw from miles of sandy dunes and one of the most beautiful beaches on the island with a view of the Snowdonia mountains range
close up of woman serving delicious plant based food from large bowl

The AMAZING food!!

I love that a large part about the retreat is how we nourish our bodies and minds. I carefully select a chef to join this retreat. The menu is plant based and we can take care of any dietary requirement. The chef helps to educate us on how we can make healthy and delicious choices, take these learnings and implement into our own daily lives.

September we are joined by Grace from Root to Flower. Her food is out of this world and is an experienced plant based chef focusing on creating food that is nourishing, packed with flavour and moves with the seasons in order to use produce at its best. She strives to be as sustainable as possible by using locally sourced ingredients, cooking with every part of produce and almost everything on her menus is homemade to the highest quality with care and attention.


We will be joined by the super talented Ali Ford. Ali will capture the weekend with some professional photographs for you to use as a personal memory or to use in your business. These photos will represent what the weekend meant to you. Whether it be facing your fears, building courage, connection, being present, self love, a shift into the life you choose or health, strength and happiness.
woman jumps up above waterline of the sea and hair sprays water up in the air

My Guest for September

I am super excited to be joined by Lucy from Wild Roots Foraging. She is magical in her approach and will help us to reconnect with the earth, our community and ourselves. Lucy will give us guidance and some practical workshops to start exploring the art of foraging.

“I feel passionately that good quality, nutritious food, is a human right and should and can be free. So, I now make it my mission to reconnect as many people as possible with this lost knowledge, in order to empower them to take charge of their own health and sustenance, as well as the health of the planet.

Foraging was once such a huge part of being human, for most of human existence. We’ve only been extensively farming for a very small portion of that. And I believe that by empowering ourselves once again with this knowledge, we can return back to that place.

My goal is to reclaim what has been forgotten in the hope of helping people find the healing that is needed, for both people and planet”.


The Discover your Inner Warrior retreat is intense and life changing. It can often feel overwhelming to head off back to our busy lives, so I am offering 8 women the option to stay on at the Chapel with me for up to 4 extra nights.

This will give you the opportunity to process what you have learnt and just be. You can start to implement the tools in your own way with me on hand to help and support. I am also available to help with guided sessions or 121 support. There will be no program to these days and will be self-catering.
Energy exchange 4 Days of Level Up is £499
This will only be available for 8 people!


A single room

the investment is £1,199

Payment plan available

£99 deposit then 3 payments of £366

Get in touch here to enquire about payment plan or What’s App me on 07736944658

A twin shared room

the investment is £899 pp

Payment plan available

£99 deposit then 3 payments of £266

Get in touch here to enquire about payment plan or What’s App me on 07736944658


A single room

Single from beginning to end – £1698

Payment plan available

£99 deposit then 3 payments of £533

Get in touch here to enquire about payment plan or What’s App me on 07736944658

A twin shared room

Shared weekend and Single Up Level days – £1398

Payment plan available

£99 deposit then 3 payments of £433

Get in touch here to enquire about payment plan or What’s App me on 07736944658

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