Waterfall Adventure Friday 18th October


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Meet 10am Nr Macclesfield
Finish 2.30pm
This is incredible day out in nature, an opportunity to escape busy lives and totally reconnect.
We meet at 10am and set off on our 4-mile round trip in search of some beautiful waterfalls. The walk is a moderate walk and will require hiking footwear and suitable clothing.
Halfway to the waterfalls we will come together for a powerful breathwork session in nature, guided by Angela.
Along the way we will engage in the power of the mind, connection to the breath for focus and resilience as well as understanding the cold before we get to the waterfalls.
The cold-water submersion will be totally optional, and you will be fully supported if required by Angela and team.
Angela will ensure safety of warming up after the cold submersion and the importance of maintaining focus throughout.
Full details will be sent upon booking along with a list of what to bring including your own lunch, snacks, and drinks.
If you are new to the Wim Hof method and the Ice Warrior, you will have the opportunity to join a virtual session prior to the Waterfall date to gain a fuller understanding of the method, the breathwork and ask any questions.
Investment for this waterfall adventure is £111

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