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Release your Inner Warrior

The Release your Inner Warrior programs are a 121 bespoke way of working with me. You can book individual sessions to work at your own pace or a 6 week program to work on a deeper level and really start seeing results and transformational life changes.

The program has helped clients transform their strength, both physically and mentally.  Overcome trauma and long term anxiety.  Increased courage to overcome fears in so many different parts of their lives.  It has given confidence, resilience, focus and clarity to raise their game where before they felt stuck.  Finding connection and being present in their everyday life that translates into joy and happiness.

121 session – £222

Before we start Angela will work with you to get an understanding of where you are in your journey, whether you are a complete beginner or wanting to take your practice to the next level.

The package includes
• A virtual session of understanding the Wim Hof method, a practical breathwork session and meditation.
• A face to face session for breathwork, mindset, strength and cold submersion. Depending on you and the time of year, the cold water may be in nature or an ice bath
• Personal support around building the method into your daily life
• Access to membership

Angela the Ice warrior guiding clients through the process
121 6 week course – £2222

The 6 week commitment will be dynamic and transformational that will start by designing your own bespoke road map, outline the root of your objectives with a clear plan to get you there.

I will show you, guide you, coach you with a number of tools to use what you learn over the next 6 weeks to sustainably continue with these changes in your everyday life.

I will teach you powerful breath work, mindset skills and cold water exposure, under the Wim Hof method, along with a number of supporting practical habits that all work together in harmony.   You will see the benefits from the first week and together we build strength, health and focus to live a life of purpose and connection.

Through the Release your Inner Warrior program I focus on showing you how to release everything that’s holding you back.  I teach you the most amazing tools that will give you the biggest kick start to your own transformational journey through 3 main components:


Here is the science bit….this breath work will focus on deep inhalations and exhalations, and are followed by a retention time, where you hold your breath for a x amount of time. Each time you practice the breathing exercises, you are releasing more energy, influencing your nervous system and changing various physiological responses. It’s super clever, you are in fact inducing voluntarily a short stress response which ultimately will lead to more resilience towards everyday stress, mentally and physiology and feeling more in control.


Some more science…. frequent exposure to cold is linked to a number of different health benefits.  When our body and minds faces the fear of the cold and comfortably take it on, we build our inner courage that translates into other areas of our life.  Scientists have found evidence that exposure to the cold speeds up metabolism.  Another benefit of exposing the body to the cold is that it reduces inflammation, swelling and sore muscles.  This is why many athletes use ice baths to speed up recovery after physical exercise. 


This program will calm your mind, deepen your connection and you will find focus and clarity.  I will challenge you to push your boundaries and support you to form daily routines that are sustainable in your everyday life.

Apart from seeing so many clients go on to achieve incredible things, I know this program has the capacity to change lives because it has changed mine.  It’s important to me that this program and personal journey is one to one and we tailor it to your specific goals and lifestyle.

I look back to life before I found my inner warrior, I was depleted, disconnected, anxious, self loathing, exhausted, on life’s treadmill, lacking purpose.  I was constantly trying to do the “right” things, meditate, morning routines, less sugar, less booze, striving for perfect parenting and model wife, a fulfilling career …. Waiting for the time it would be my turn to be happy and it all to be a whole lot fricking easier than it was.  I have had a host of life challenges from a full on alcoholic parent, experiencing child abuse, grief of a loved one, trauma of a near death experience, which I have dealt with and I get that life is precious and should be lived with joy and connection, and I was ok, don’t get me wrong, but I now realise just being ok wasn’t really enough.

How it has changed my life; I became calm and significantly less anxious, I had more connection in the relationship with my husband and kids, my career took a thought out u-turn that now gives me purpose, I created all this with focus and clarity, I have more energy, a greater understanding over my fears and a new courage and confidence to tackle them in the

“I am just like my mum, super strong!”
mother and son walking into sea together dressed in swim suits for a dip
My son!!

The 121 Warrior program is there to give you the practical tools and strategies to become the best version of yourself, to have the relationships you deserve, the career that fills you with passion and purpose, see the dreams you have been suppressing come to life, and to be happier, healthier and stronger than ever.

Want to start your own transformational journey?
Let’s make it happen

What can I expect?

6 weeks of bespoke 121 support

Week 1 -In depth kick off session to create absolute clarity around your individual goals and road map

A clear program that works around your lifestyle that is tailored to your needs

Breath work

4 virtual 121 breathwork sessions where we will go deeper and expand your learnings each time.  Coaching on Wim Hof breath work to improve technique and give optimal results.  Working in meditations, mindset and strength work.

Each in person cold session will include a breathwork practice


    • Coaching and instructions from starting with cold exposure and building on increasing time and decreasing the temperature within your own limits
    • Homework each week from cold showers, tub immersion (tub included in the welcome pack)
    • 2 x 121 support into nature dips. This will include breath work, mindset, strength work.
    • Warming up to get into the water and warming up when we get out of the water.

Review sessions in week 2 and 5

cold water immersion in the lake

I want to show up for my dreams!

Downloadable support tools including a diary to log activity

Recorded meditations

Voice and email support between sessions

Access to a private Facebook group of other clients who have completed the inner warrior journey. This group will give support and connections to share future cold water experiences.

2 review sessions within 12 months to keep you on track

A special gift to welcome you to the program from me to you:

The investment to Release your Inner Warrior

I am not a life coach and I do not have your answers, but YOU DO!

My job is to teach you these skills so you can find strength and clarity in your daily life. 

I will support you at each step and will challenge you where you need that kind push.

benefits of Meditation

Meditation is the habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. The breath work within this method will enhance your meditative experience and help you to have a deeper connection to yourself, giving you reduced stress and increased concentration. Here we build mental strength to take us into the cold water as well as other beneficial habits and feelings.
Positive mood and outlook
Healthy sleep patterns
Pain control
Anxiety control
Self awareness

Kind Words

“I really enjoyed today x it’s helping me already. My thoughts are becoming clearer and easier to work out. The cold was out of this world and felt in full control. I was walking on air for the rest of the evening xxx”.
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