Winter Witchery Magic

A transformative day retreat to be intentional about 2023

This magical day will use a multitude of tools to open yourself up to a world of possibility and wonder.

A day where we bring the energy and connection of the Wim Hof method together with the magic of witchcraft.

A perfect treat, just for you, before the end of the year.

woman swimming in cold water with witches hat on

The day will give you the opportunity to go deeper into what 2023 holds for you.

Recognising any changes that need to happen to enable this.

What do you want more of andwhat can you let go of?

How are you going to make those dreams a reality?

What tools can you build into your daily life to continue your personal growth?

You will be supported throughout the day by Angela, a transformational coach and Wim Hof instructor, and Kelly a natural wellness expert. Together we hold the space and give you the tools to see what is on the other side of fear, move past limiting beliefs and reprogram neurological pathways.

You will embark on a journey to set clear intentions through meditation, journaling and connection. Focusing your thoughts and finding clarity on the spells you want to create.

Using potions in the form of pure essential oils and items from nature to clear any limiting beliefs. Spending some time understanding any fears that are standing in your way, making them focused, clear and organised.

Throughout the day you will be given tools to awaken your intuition. Through the powerful Wim Hof breathing we will go deeper within to find the trust and belief that lies within each of us. This will give us the opportunity to quieten the mind, tune into the body, rise above the narratives that no longer serve us.

Discover the self care rituals, how to prioritise them and build them into your daily life. We can not offer ourselves to the world if we don’t have a balance of the body and mind.

Understanding the seven chakras and how they work in harmony with your energy flow. Identifying if chakras are blocked and some powerful tools to open up the chakras maintains a constant flow of energy connecting the whole body, mind and spirit. Learning to protect your energy is a powerful tool to use daily.

Using our creativity to bring together a personal space for spells, rituals and any other magic. Call it your special place or an altar, but bringing together the vital elements to make it feel like home. Nature connection and gifts of the earth will be heavily featured here.

Mother Earth’s energy is one of the most powerful magic tools at our disposal. Finding wisdom in the trees, grounding from the earth and an understanding of your place in the bigger picture.

This magical day retreat will take place in a wildlife garden, & in “The Roundhouse” bell tent, surrounded by a secret garden in the heart of Lymm, Cheshire!

We will feast on a plant based, wild foraged lunch together, lovingly made by local forager Jim at the Wild Deli in Lymm!

Raw chocolates flavoured with essential oils & herbal teas, will be available throughout the day!

Once you step back into the real world after this magical winter retreat you will feel stronger to deal with life’s stresses. You will be able to enter the present and quieten the mind from chatter. Ready to create your magic in 2023

Intention setting

“Magic is simply you, being intentional about your life and working with all the beautiful energies around you.”

Essential oils

These are natures true gifts of the earth, where you will learn the power for mental, physical and emotional health


Techniques to uncover your dreams and what might be holding you back


Beautifully guided meditations to quieten the mind. Meditation and breathwork go hand in hand and if you have found mediation a challenge, we promise you will be able to access that place of quiet that you have never reached before.

Plant based nutrition

Freshly foraged food brought to you as a delicious lunch

Powerful breathwork

Several different breathwork tools to use throughout the day including Wim Hof breathwork for that deeper connection and experience.

Chakra balancing / alignment

A form of energy healing that focuses on channelling energy into the 7 chakras

Altar creation

Bringing nature and creativity together to create a magical place that is special to you

Mindset practices

To belief and trust that anything is possible

Cold immersion

Empowering your body and mind and letting the cold be your teacher. Removing stress, anxiety build up as well as going deeper to find your inner strength to face those fears head on.

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